Informasjon om leie av parkeringsplasser og regler for å lage egen parkeringsplass

Leie parkeringsplass eller garasje av borettslaget

What is the schedule for Drivers?

Over-the-Road Drivers will receive your dispatch and you make your own schedule as long as you are safely on time. In the oilfield there is no set schedule. The oilfield job is on-call during your time in the field. Drivers work within the DOT hours of service regulations, meaning as long as you have hours available, you can expect a dispatch; and whenever your hours run out, you are off.

What kind of Benefits are there?

Brady Trucking offers robust benefit plans, including: - Healthcare Benefits - Dental & Vision - 401K + Company Match - Mentorship - Guaranteed Life Insurance - And many, many more!

Is the Pay Hourly or By the Mile?

At Brady Trucking we do things different than most and we are proud of these distinctions. Brady Trucking pays CDL Drivers a percentage of the loads you haul or mileage pay depending on the job. The more you haul, the more you earn.

Do you get Detention Pay?

Brady works hard with every customer to negotiate detention pay at the best rate possible. Not every customer pays detention pay, but most do. Brady Trucking is able to charge the customer at the loadout AND the location and pay our Drivers for their wait time. Brady’s goal is to keep the tires turning and less setting collecting detention pay. We all earn more money when your tires are turning.

What's the process to get hired?

1. Fill out a Job Application 2. Call the Recruiting Hotline (435) 781-1569 x 1004. A Recruiter will discuss your Driving Experience and any other experience you wish to share. We will send you an email with the details from your Recruiter call regarding pay, benefits, schedule, etc. 3. If agreed to move forward, a Recruiter will run MVR & Background Checks. 4. Results will be finalized within 24 hours and we will have you on the Hiring Managers Prospective Interview List. 5. Hiring Managers review their prospect list daily to select interview candidates and a Recruiter should have an aswer within 24-48 hours. *Call your Recruiter for any reason

Is there any Orientation? How Much?

New Hire Orientations generally start on Tuesday. Prior to orientation is qualification which generally occurs Monday. It will include a drive test, drug screening, and fit test. - If you are traveling a long distance, Brady will get you a hotel Sunday night and book it through the end of orientation. - Orientation is 3-4 days long covering rules, policy, safety guideline, elogs, etc. You will be paid $200 per day. - When you graduate you are assigned a truck (usually a late model 18 speed Peterbilt) as well. Some Drivers make great money in their first few weeks, others need time to learn the job, so Brady offers the sign-on bonus to help with the transition.

What type of Trucks do you run?

Generally, Brady employees drive beautiful late model 18 speed Peterbilts with a sleeper and haul dry bulk pneumatic tankers.

Do you provide Housing?

Trucks have sleepers and Brady’s terminals offer showers, laundry facilities, a Driver Lounge, and kitchenette (at most locations) for your needs.

What are the Requirements for Driving a Truck at Brady?

- Class A CDL - Clean Driving Record - 1 (one) year Tractor Trailer experience - Oilfield Drivers must be clean shaven to fit the mandatory on-location respirator - Fill out a job application @ - Experience driving a standard transmission (10, 13 or 18 speed preferred)

Do you offer Bonuses?

We offer employees a $2000 Driver Referral Bonus for each Driver you refer to Brady Trucking.

Søknad om å lage egen parkeringsplass

Beboere i hagebyen som disponerer bil, kan leie parkeringsplass eller garasje

Du som bor i Veitvedt Hageby og som disponerer en bil, kan leie enten en parkeringsplass eller en garasje. Du kan ikke leie begge deler. Hvis du har egen parkeringsplass, kan du heller ikke leie parkering eller garasje av borettslaget.

Det er venteliste for både parkeringsplasser og garasjer

Hvis du ønsker å sette deg på venteliste for parkeringsplass eller garasje, sender du en epost til . Der skriver du navnet ditt, adressen din og at du vil stå på venteliste for parkeringsplass eller garasjeplass.

Hvor lang er ventelisten og hvilken plass står jeg på?

Ventelisten for både parkeringsplasser og garasjer er dessverre lang. Når du setter deg på ventelisten, får du et «kø nummer» av styret. Her ser du ventelisten for parkering og garasjer.

Hva koster det å leie parkering eller garasje?

En parkeringsplass koster 250,- i måneden mens en garasje koster 600,-.

Du finner mer informasjon i parkeringsreglementet

Borettslaget har et eget parkeringsreglement som inneholder flere detaljer enn de som står på denne siden. Parkeringsreglementet finner du her.

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